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NPR: "Ghosts of Bergen County is a tough, compassionate book by a writer with a keen sense of what makes us human, and what makes us, at times, wish we weren't. As a novel, it's excellent; as a meditation on grief, it's stunningly perceptive." Click here for a full review.

Chicago Review of Books: Excerpt: Ghosts of Bergen County. "Most novels set during the financial crisis never leave Lower Manhattan. But Dana Cann’s debut novel, Ghosts of Bergen County, flits between New York City and suburban New Jersey in the summer of 2007.... The result is a chilling, moving exploration of loss, doubt, and addiction. Here’s an exclusive excerpt from chapter six; Ghosts of Bergen County hits bookshelves this week from Tin House Books." Click here for an excerpt from the novel.

Library Journal: Top Spring Indie Fiction: "Perfectly balanced prose... Absorbingly written, this will appeal to readers of literary fiction as well as high-end mystery." Click here for full review.

Publishers Weekly: "Cann’s novel is an impressive, accomplished effort, nuanced in its depiction of complex interpersonal drama and eerie elements of the supernatural." Click here for full review.

Chicago Review of Books: Ghosts of Bergen County is one of April’s 10 Best Books from Independent Presses. Click here for the article.

Tin House Blog: An interview with Dana Cann. "You write about heroin addiction in a very empathetic way. How did you approach writing about drugs and addiction?" Click for full interview.

Tin House Blog: An excerpt from Ghosts of Bergen County by Dana Cann.  Click for the excerpt.

Tethered by Letters: An Interview with Dana Cann.  "Although each of your characters are very different, they are all united by severe pain and loss in their lives. How did you manage to create a lively and forward-moving story when the characters at the helm of the plot are struggling with so much unhappiness?" Click here for full interview.

Work-in-Progress: “Writers Write, Every Day, No Excuses”: Interview with Dana Cann about GHOSTS OF BERGEN COUNTY Click here for full interview.

Qwillery: Interview with Dana Cann, author of Ghosts of Bergen County. "Are you a plotter, a pantser or a hybrid?"  Click here for full interview. "Dana Cann’s Ghosts of Bergen County, (Tin House) is out in the world. That’s why I’m grabbing you by your virtual shoulders and saying: Read this." Click here for full review.

Maryland State Arts Council: Dana Cann is a recipient of a 2016 Individual Artist Award from the MSAC. These awards recognize the exceptional artistic achievements of talented artists from across the state. Click here for the press release.

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